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Professional Surgical Suites was designed with the goal of providing the highest level of compassionate care for patients and their loved ones. The facility has two large operating rooms that are equipped with the latest in advanced surgical technology. It also has one procedure room specifically created to provide the highly trained medical staff with the flexibility and tools needed for minimally invasive surgery. (PSS) is designed to give patients, family and friends a relaxing experience before, during and after the procedure. The facility also provides a high ratio of medical staff to patients in order to provide the highest quality of care and exceptional experience.

Here at PSS we provides critical services including Endoscopic procedures, Colonscopies, Pain Management, Gynaecological Surgery and small Invasive procedures.

We are proud to serve you! We are committed to providing quality patient care that everyone deserves. is our goal here at Professional Surgical Suites. All of this is performed in our state-of-the-art environment, with a first rate staff that excel in providing excellent patient care. To make an appointment or for a consultation, contact us today.


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  • Kadra Johnson

    Anesthesia Technician
    Kadra Johnson


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    Kerrie Burton-Levarity
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    Oyvon Holloway-Adderley

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